Saturday, October 04, 2008

Beehives Here We Come!

Well, as many of you know, Life is a changen at the Brower House! So why not add to my list of change the fact that Mckenna is 12, which means that she is now in Young Womens! Where in the world has the time gone?

Not only is Mckenna going to be a Beehive, but low and behold- she now will have me as her Beehive Counselor! Yes, that is right- I have just been put in as the 2nd counselor of our Young Women's program!

Is the Bishopric nuts- don't they know that we are moving? Yes, they know and so did the Young Women President to-be, but that didn't stop them from asking or me from accepting the calling. They each told me they would take me for as long as I was living here even if that is only for a few weeks. That was so touching to me!

I love Young Women's and this will be my second stint as a 2nd counselor(the first time was my first calling ever in Cape Coral!) now, don't be confused, I have been
1st counselor in Tallahassee and Sharpsburg- Mia Maid advisor and Beehive advisor in Tallahassee and Laurel advisor in Sharpsburg, so why not start over again and come full circle? I am very exciting for this calling, but will also miss teaching my Mia Maid girls- who are so awesome!

Before Mckenna turned twelve our ward had STANDARDS NIGHT. This is where you have a nice dinner (we had salad, bowtie pasta and blond brownies with Ice cream,) and then a program. We had a panel of laurels that answered questions that the girls had submitted. The older girls did awesome answering the questions, the other girls asked some really poignant questions that I thought were very relevant to today's dating scene. Mckenna was invited to go since it was 4 days before her birthday! I think that she enjoyed it.

I thought it was really neat that Mckenna has the YW theme almost memorized! During the opening part of the program and on Sunday the girls recite a theme of the overall church yw program. She only had a few words she couldn't say. I asked her when she had learned it and she said that she read it in the Personal Progress book that she received in her welcome packet. I thought that was crazy since she had looked at it at bedtime! What a quick learner she is!!

I am excited to have this calling, to bond even more with Mckenna and see where this calling takes me. I know that some challenging but fulfilling things are coming my way!