Sunday, October 05, 2008

October General Conference 2008

Yesterday, I watched all of both sessions of General Conference! Wow, aren't you proud of me?
I am really loving the talks, I always take a lot of notes when I am watching conference (or Sunday School for that matter,) I like to read the Ensign conference Issue and see if I actually feel the same way that I did when I was taking notes.
Seeing Elder Wirthlin was so hard for me- I think that out of all the General Authorities I love to listen to him the most! He is so personable. He reminds me of a little boy in a man's body and maybe that is why he is so endearing to me, but I love his stories of his childhood, but also the fact that those stories teach you Gospel principles. It was sad to see him so old and having to sit in a chair, but I mean after all he is the oldest living Apostle! The only reason I feel sad is for selfish reasons, it just means that we only have so many talks left from him and then there will be no more!

I really loved the talk by Elder Corbridge. It was so eye opening for me!
I think my favorite talk though Saturday was from President Monson. He talked about not just enduring by enjoying the journey. Interestingly enough President Hinkley gave a very similiar talk once to the Relief Society- i only know this because I have a tile sitting on my piano that andrea gave me for christmas one year.
I loved that he talked about how fast time goes and how change is the one constant in your life.
Kyler watched Saturday's afternoon session and so he was able to listen to this talk with me, we got into a conversation about how this move is our change and that he can grow with it and not be afraid. I know that he was really listening to the talk and even though he pretended I was torturing him.
Today's sessions were once again as good as yesterday's talks. We all watched today's session in our pajamas, I guess we were all really comfy because for part of the afternoon session the kids napped. i got sleepy but really wanted to hear the talks, which is probably why i had to rewind a thousand times cause I would miss stuff. We had cinnamon rolls and chocolate milk for breakfast and colored in coloring books during the time we watched. (well, I didn't I took notes, I think I started a color page and didn't finish!)
Later on the in the evening we chocolate chunk cookies, and then ate them while watching the Redsox/Angels game. I am exhausted, the game went into extra innings and the Angels won, but we wanted the Redsox to win, so I am saying goodbye!!!