Friday, October 24, 2008

The Wonder of Facebook!

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FACEBOOK- what is it do you ask? Well, for me it is a connection to the past, the present and the future.

I joined FACEBOOK in hopes of keeping in touch with those of my friends who live in the immediate vacinity of my life in Santa Clara, and found that I could also have a blast from the past!

How do you say? Well, how many people do you know really ever talk to high school friends without going to a school reunion? Yes, there are those few who stay in touch with their best friends throughout their lives, but usually you move, you get married or you just have not enough time to stay in touch. Well, that is where FACEBOOK comes in handy!

I have "talked" with friends from our Sharpsburg ward in Georgia- mom's of darling little girls who went to preschool and kindergarten with Kyler. Friends from FSU that have moved all over the nation and then headed back to Tallahassee! And then Old friends from the Chevy Chase Hood that might not have ever reconnected since I never know when the reunions are since we have ended up moving so much!

But also, i have gotten to know a few of the "younger" friends who have done plays with Devin, danced with Mckenna or just hang out with Kyler. This is a great place to meet new and old friends and break away for a few minutes or hours- especially at night when you can't sleep because you are missing your best friend in the whole world- your darling Husband who has gone on to Florida ahead of you while you are trying to sell the house and straighten out the old life in Santa Clara. It's a great distraction!!

So, Thankyou to whom ever created FACEBOOK- oh that would be Mark Zuckerberg ! Thankyou to my near and dear and those who have entered back into my life and added another facet of joy.

To all of you I say "let the talk begin!"

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