Monday, August 31, 2009

Thought Provoking Video found while looking at friend's blogs

So, I was reading a friend's blog when I noticed how cute her background was. I saw on the left side that the name of the website that does the backgrounds was listed and of course having background envy, I had to check out the website for myself (which by the way Mil, is adorable!,)
First thing to pull up was this video with this heading:

Your Phone Is Not As Important As A Life... Please Watch!!!
Thinking I am going to see a parody or something on how because of cell phone's and technology we have given up really living. Needing a good laugh I decided to watch the video. It is not a Parody, far from it and is something that I felt we should all watch! I know that I have been guilty of doing the same thing that the man (or should I say boy?,) in this video has done!!!
Please, spend 15 minutes watching this video, it will make you rethink what you do!

Watching this video, has changed how I approach my driving. Am, I driving safe? Am, I thinking with all faculties while driving? How will I help my teenagers understand how serious this situation is while they are driving. Because, everyone thinks to themselves- well it won't happen to me. Do we really want to take a chance on that? I was in a serious car accident of no one's fault and yet, I never thought I would be so close to being a Paralyzed or dying even while going through my accident. I think that we all need to sit down and analyze how we would feel having to be in either part of this situation and set our minds to MAKE A CHANGE!
* So, What were your feelings while watching this video?
* When do we decide we are the ones that first need to make a change?