Sunday, February 14, 2010

Notices....random thoughts

Dang! I just noticed how ridiculous it is that I have not updated either my family blog or this here thought blog for ages! ( I don't consider a slide show of the family pics as really an update!) So many thoughts have been rattling around in my head that I have had a hard time writing them down.

This is how I feel about not keeping up on my blogging

I started a blog for our YW, which doesn't help me keep up here, and I have been busy doing video and slide shows of their pictures, so that they can have them for posterity sake!

A lot of the girls want me to put the pictures on Facebook and I have refused to do that until the other day when I took pictures for our tri-ward dance activity that Matt and I had planned before I was released as the 1st Counselor. Sister McCoy and Matt did a great job of carrying the basic idea out and did awesome on the decor. There were 141 pictures and I just didn't want to have to go through and decide which ones to include on the YW blog so I posted every single one of them to Facebook so that the boys could get and look at the pics too!

I finally finished the YW New Beginning Video of the questions that I asked the girls about being Strong and Courageous! Part of their interview was used for this program the rest will be done at the end of the year when we wrap up the theme. I am so excited about that video since the questions will really get to the meat of the Youth theme this year and I can't wait for the girls to see what they said about each other. Our New Beginnings was awesome! Sister Thompson did a great job with the main activity of the Unity games!

Are you stronger together or Separate?

Sister McCoy and Sister Gwynn did a great job at decor and food! The bread sticks were awesome! I would love to have that recipe. They were not pizza factory worthy but they were delish!

I am so thankful that Sister Thompson is our YW President (and my friend,) she has really inspired all of us to be better as people, she and I think alot alike and so it is great for me to watch her in action. She was originally the Secretary when I was 1st counselor and Now I am so blessed to be her Secretary! I love the feel good feelings that are emerging form these beautiful girls. The Spirit is becoming so strong in the Sunday lessons, the girls have realized (I think,) that our weekly activities don't always have to be entertaining they can be educational and fun at the same time!

Okay, to the next thought~ I am so bummed out about the weather here in Ocala, it has been freezing... I mean literally. You all might want to start canning Oranges from other countries because the Florida oranges have been compromised! Who knows what will come out of this years crops. It is not easy for me to be my happy self when it is so cold outside and talk about Rain! Our pool water was at the low point and now the water is ready to Flood out into the deck area! I thought I moved to Florida? I thought Florida was sun and fun? Nope not this winter and definitely not for me! I need to get out and do something WARM! But that isn't changing anytime soon.

Maybe the Cold weather in Ocala is to prepare me for the FREEZING Arctic of Washington D.C.? Matt and I are going there on Friday! I really am excited about it, but yet again, not excited about the cold! I am so worried about the cold that I just finished making Bright pink Mittens! I still have a hat and scarf and headband to make! I searched for weeks for a warm coat and everything to go with it but didn't find anything but a lime green peacoat at Macy's. I have to admit it is an amazing coat, and since it is wool, I am praying that it will keep me warm!!!!

This trip is a work trip and I am so thankful that I can go with Matt! I am excited to go to the Holocaust Museum, Ford's theater, A tour of the Underground of the Capitol and maybe going out to lunch with my HS chum Ann! I have not seen Ann since Matt and I's reception (or was it her reception?) well, it was at a reception and that was oh so long ago! I hope that we can work it out. It all depends on how crazy busy Matt has me booked!

Will I see the President? More than likely not,but I will be meeting some other Gentlemen who might be big political bigwigs! It doesn't faze me anymore to have to associate with people that I should be in awe of! I think it is because after meeting all the Utah Political Bigwigs, It becomes all the same, I just remember that they are just like anyone else, but have a little more power to either make our government better or not. But, we also can do that by voting or not voting in the next election so no biggy there! Man, I guess I am really cynical when it come to politics- I wonder why?

I have been reading alot lately, maybe that is the other thing that is keeping me from updating my blog the way I would like?!

I read the book Night by Elie Weisel. What an incredibly sad and traumatizing story. I can't imagine going through what those poor Holocaust survivors lived through. I feel so much when I read these types of stories, Or even worse when I see a television show or movie that portrays the Holocaust! It just sinks deep into my soul and drains me of so much. I don't know if it is the Jewish blood that runs through my veins but it seriously hurts to think about!

It was amazing to me that No one believed Elie when he talked about his experiences!!! Why were there so many people who turned a blind eye to what was going on? Even the idea that some of the German people would see these people being transported and not wonder what in the world was happening to me just leaves me bewildered!

It is with candor that Elie can write about his experience, that he can contine to live and chose to live life with an ambition to get others to understand and acknowledge that this happened to the Jews. I am in awe of that optimism that people carry in their hearts to move on from such a horrible experience and look towards the future with such a pure heart after everything they went through!

I guess, with that I will live you with my last thoughts!

There are many people who live hard lives- there are many that don't know how to continue on, but just go through life trying endure! What are we doing to lighten someone elses load? What are we doing to make our little bit of earth heavenly? Think about that and then move to make the world a better place!!!