Friday, May 14, 2010

Women's Conference of Day #3 and #4

I was blessed to be able to attend some amazing classes while at BYU's Women's Conference and also do some service at the same time~ How often can you say you can do that- Be edified and touch some else all at the same time?

I was able to stay on campus in May section of Helaman Hall. It would have been more fun had I not been by myself. but, it was what it was! (this pic was taken after I went to breakfast the first day.)

The first morning this is what I woke up to~ SNOW! It was 36 degree's 90 percent of the time I was in provo, it was supposed to be according to my weather app in the high 40's and no snow, but well we are in Utah and even if it is Spring the weather can change on a dime which it continually did. Notice, it is overcast and dreary? Well, later it would get sunny, but never warm up!

What I had forgotten though was that the colors in Utah in the spring are so dynamic that even with the snow things were so absolutely beautiful!
So, the next day, I went around Campus and took pictures to archive the beautiful array of colors!

But, I digress, onward to Women's conference:

The first thing I did while at the Marriott is get the Make and Take service packets. I got a crochet baby buggy to make (which being a lefty, I couldn't do. I was asked to take the pattern home and transpose it and send a copy back to the committee.) I also picked up a packet to make Crochet Pink Cancer Ribbons, and my favorite - a crocheted edged baby burp rag! I love doing different packets. Usually when I have attended WC before, I would do the Leper Bandages and you could get tired of doing those really quick, but these packets were awesome!

I really love doing service while I am at Women's conference... When I was at Time out for Women I was making hat's but it ended up being too detail oriented so I had to quit within a few seconds. It feels good to do something with your hands for others while gaining a wonderful Spiritual experience for yourself!

During the Thursday night service we were able to sew bears together, stitch their faces and eyes on and also make fun game packets for children in need. The one area I really wanted to go to was the TuTu section and Fairy Wands but EVERYONE wanted to do those and so their was waiting so instead of being slothful and sitting around waiting, I put myself to work with the previous items. It was a fun night, I meet people who were connected in some way to other people I knew in Santa Clara and through Matt's work in other cities in Utah. I love that the church can make this huge world become so small!

Thursday Night also included Learning Stations: 4 of which were being run by a friend from Ocala's family... I was able to meet 7 of her sisters, her mom and 1 of her brother's that was an amazing thing. Some of the Learning Stations were fantastic, but all were amazing if you had little kids etc... I mostly was looking for Teen related and YW stuff, so not all of it applied.  A few of my favorites:
A picture of a past Sharing Station

A picture of a past Sharing Station

 A picture of a past Sharing Station

The classes that I took at Women's conference were amazing. Only one of them didn't meet my expectations and that i think was because I walked in thinking it was going to be something that it wasn't. You should never walk in with preconceived notions because it sets you up for disappointment.