Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Church Choir made me happy today...
Every time I hit that upper register I hear my Grandma Field singing and it makes me tickled pink!  I know to you that might sound spooky, but my grandma was an awesome singer.
I really feel more comfortable in the mid range, and in High school I actually sang Tenor, but ever since TA'ing at SC Middle school and Mr. Rymerson had me sing to my Special Ed kids during class I have been able to reach a High F and not sound pathetic. But, unfortunately I haven't been able to hit below an F in the lower register.
But, Alas, I digress...
Choir is a great place for me. I wasn't able to go on the Bigger & Better activity with the YW/YM because I fell down tripping over a ditch at the Bishop's house after our Fireside Sunday closing our Media Fast, and hurt my leg and outer foot near my little toe, so I went back to Choi.r (we meet at 6 then us YW leaders leave at 7 while everyone else keeps singing). We are working on Thanksgiving music and also plugging along on our Christmas Program!

I love Christmas Music, especially Church Christmas music, it makes me crave Hot Cocoa and Snow (But, I will take the Music even if I can't have the snow!) and helps me to be thankful for the Gift of the Savior.

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