Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday a day of rest?

So, today was a lazy day... I was tired, I was cranky and I just wanted to read! Good thing, that is what I got to do! It made it so I wasn't so cranky anymore! I started and finished the book Yellow Star by Jennifer Roy (which Mckenna told me she loves and has read over and over again. Wow, I didn't even know she had a favorite book since she claims she hates reading. How can she be my daughter?!!!!)

Yellow Star was written because it was Jennifer Roy's way of preserving the story of her aunt, who didn't talk about until well into her old age.  It's written in beautiful, intense, free verse through the eyes of young Syvia who is 4 years old when the nightmare begins.  She is 10 when she and the 12 other "children of the cellar" are released with the few remaining survivors at the end of the war.  About a quarter of a million Jews were forced into the Lodz Ghetto but only 800 walked out.  This is the story of Syvia's survival in a powerful little book. This is really a children's book, which usually is an untouchable subject for the age it was written for, I think 4th grade and up. The Topic can be dark, the subject horrific in the way Syvia describes it but not too overwhelming for the tender age of 10. I have been reading a lot of WWII books lately and this one was just as fascinating as Night by Eli Weisel.