Sunday, October 17, 2010

Adventures in Wonder-land and Yes, I mean true Wonder...

Don't you love when something that you are inspire to do comes to fruition, but becomes even better than you imagined it could be?
Well, today, Sunday,This is what  i am most grateful for...
This is our YW in Excellence night. It happened really on Tuesday, but since I was doing a Media Fast, I didn't feel as if I should really be writing or putting up pictures on that day!

My darling friend Jennifer Shaefer's ward (our old GA ward,) did a Transition from YW to Relief Society based on Alice and the Looking Glass. I saw her invitations and the ideas just started flowing. I talked to the YW Presidency and everything just pulsed faster from there.  Amanda's grandma amazingly had all these amazing Pillow Cases and Fabric pieces that created this mad, crazy but adorable setting for our Merry Celebration!

My favorite part of this whole night was from the beginning- Walking through the Looking Glass to the wonderful Parent Praises that were given to the girls at the end of the evening.  I couldn't have imagined anything better to celebrate our girls with! The older girls picked Little Sisters to do fun stuff with all the rest of the year and beyond. We welcomed in our upcoming Beehives, Isabelle Roettger and Allie Shuman. Whom we are so excited to have in our midst and to get to know them better!

We had chaos with our rotating of chairs and food, to the most amazing talk from our fierce Leader Sister Leah Thompson and we of course had the amazing talents, projects and prose from our wonderful Girls!  Oh, how Strong and Courageous they are with all that they deal with in their lives and today we were shown this through the words of their parents!

I am thankful for a God given talent that comes when it needs to, to an intune Spirit that listens when it is whispered and the courage to speak up when I know that something is right. This to me is truly wonderful.
This is what makes me Happiest today!