Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sadness and Gladness which in turn reminds me of Pollyanna

So, Lately, I have been having the ho hums... after a beautiful pep talk from my mom (my mom is amazing, she happens to cheer me up even when sad things are happening in her life and helps me to feel her love over the phone line that is so tangible, I feel it like electricity!)  I decided that I had to snap out of it and get back into life!

Today was not one of those days even though I have accomplished a lot in the last few days (and today,) getting ready for our awesome Halloween party,

About an hour ago, I sat down to read about my dear friend Patrice and her family on her family blog. I have missed them, I have craved being around her girls and I have missed her wisdom when it comes to life and living the Gospel, so like I said I sat down to read her blog.  That was not the greatest idea in the world even though I laughed  (alot! mind you,) I also cried!  I cried when she wrote about Swiss Days, I cried when she was talking about running (better have been walking, really... Patrice!!) with Summer 3 miles down the St. George Marathon finale because I could see her with that "I don't care that the Dr. is going to chew me out, I need to help Summer finish this race, look." (Did I mention Patrice is in a Boot and shouldn't be even walking that far?!!!) And alas, I realized once again that I have Santa Clara-itus... I have to get over this, I have to move on, but I can't seem to!  low and behold through all that ho humness, there came a ray of sunshine that hit me in the forehead (literally, from the skylight.) and it inspired me to turn to NieNie...  If you have not discovered or heard about Stephanie Nielson, you are missing out on one of the bravest, strongest plug through life kind of girl I have ever heard of!  Yes, I have talked about NieNie before, but I haven't followed her blog for months and today was the day that I knew I needed to see how she is doing!

I have nothing to be sad about, I have nothing to be bugged about, I have nothing to keep me from wading through life until I feel like running! I realize NieNie is an ispiration and her faith of life in her truly catchingly a shot in the arm type of writing has helped so many and today she helped me.  If NieNie is plugging along, if she is finding joy in the journey and has the trials she has Who in the Heck am I to even think I have problems?!  Goodness Gracious, Missing my oldest child because he has gone to college is something everyone has to do eventually, moving is nothing... I have been here for 2 months shy of 2 years! What the Heck?!  What is the prob? I have beautiful children, who are healthy, I have the most amazing parents who are 1 .5 hours away from me, a little sister with the most beautiful children who make me smile hugely and laugh Santa Claus like with their childness  who lives 4 hours away and a super adorable baby sister and her family in Provo who I get to talk to all the time and entertains me with her Kira Graceisms, but most important of all--- I have the most handsome, hardworking, kindest husband in the world
So, Matt is who I am the most grateful for today. He, who, puts up with all my Field-isms and still tends to crack me up with his unearthly naiveness about things in life that everyone else seems to know all about but he in his sweet way never pays attention to! He is not jaded with life, he takes it as it is, he lives it the way he sees fit and runs with it all! He works so hard for us to have the life that we have, He has put himself in debt to show our children that the only way to make something of yourself is to plug yourself into what needs to be done, do your best, be kind to everyone on the way and get on with it! I on the other hand worry, complain, pick life apart and bash the point to death... I know... I need to be Polllyanna and so In my quest for gratitude, for seeing the happiness in what is my life, I am going to put this blog to work and post one entry a day based on what I find uplifting, what inspires me to love life and maybe even post a picture or two about what I see in my daily life that is a "aha, I love that" type of thing.

I hope I don't bore you with my quest for happiness, maybe it will even bring a smile to your day!