Saturday, October 23, 2010

a Super Saturday with Jackie Roettger

Early this morning Kyler jetted off to the Jacksonville Air show with his JROTC group, Kenna soundly slept in and Matt drove me to CVS on the corner of 17th and 441, and dropped me off there to meet Jackie Roettger, Amanda McCoy and her mother-in-law to go to the McIntosh town Festival.
Jackie Roettger
Last year I went with Matt and the kids. I won't do that again, they spent a lot of time murmuring (not Matt,) they asked how long we were going to be and they griped that they didn't have enough money or food... so When Jackie posted on Facebook that she was going I was ecstatic and asked if I could go with her!

McIntosh is the same place that we did our family pictures last year. I love the town, it is quaint, it is historic and has many Victorian-Esq type homes. See, Why I love it...
On of the houses in McIntosh
We arrived into town through a gorgeous Mist flowing through the fields surrounding 441. It was a nippy morning and so I had worn my brown jacket, Premiere and my lovely brown hat with the neutral flowers!  (thanks again Lisa for introducing me to the best store in St. George!) still, I was a little nippy, but it soon warmed up fast!

The crowds when we arrived were not bad. but within 2 hours it was, proceed with caution, you will almost step on a dog, you will be slowed down to a speed of 4 steps a minute and/or you will be feeling a little claustrophobic in some really small booths while checking out some amazing charms and necklace wares... This is the part that makes places like this hard to want to go back to. I did get a great handmade Glass beaded bookmark, and a teeny-tiny little man in a bottle made from clay polymer! Honestly, the little man was too hard to pass up, he is adorable!!

It doesn't pay to bring only $20 to an event like this but what could I do, it is the end of the month (almost... where in the world has the time flown to?) and I was out personal money because of our King Arthur Halloween Party!
Note to self;; Remember you can get Christmas gifts at a place like this... Make sure you budget for that reason in October!

 I am always impressed with other creative people's talents and what they can achieve all in the name of passion!  One lady told us that she had just found her niche in what made her happy and I could tell that she really did love what she had created and what she did!  Her specialty was leather looking Clay Polymer jewelry hung on leather ropes and some of the necklaces had a design on the back and front which I complimented her on. She said she only made a few with designs like that because most people didn't appreciate the special little touches. She thanked me for noticing and complimenting her on them and we both acknowledged silently that we were kindred spirits! I truly could have sat there and watched her make her jewelry just to learn and observe the creativity!

Another Vendor- Let's call him Henry... Made the most life like Iris's I had ever seen out of Polymer Clay. He actually is the man who made the teeny-tiny man in the bottle that I so had to have!  Usually Jackie says he has holiday inspired characters in those little bottles, but he was out and didn't have anymore bottles to make a Santa one for me!  He is going to be in Gainesville Thanksgiving weekend so I hope that we can go to that and he will have them for me!

Jackie and I had a lot of fun, we shared Sweet Potato French Fries and Fried Green Tomatoes (yes, we are in the south you know!) and found a lot of beautiful Jewelry!
Fried Green Tomatoes Sweet Potato Fries
After 3 hot, mad-crush- of- people-filled hours, we headed back to CVS ecstatic,  but more tired then we were in the wee hours of this morning!
Thanks Jac for letting me hop in the car with you darling Ladies!

Here are a few pictures of the event and what I found made my day better. Enjoy

Photobucket  Cynthia Horst
Friends that Jackie and I saw at the Festival: The Reid Family and Dear Cynthia
Photobucket  Photobucket
A Wind Pipe Musician... He sounded wonderful!  And just a view of some of the booths
Photobucket  Photobucket
one of the beautiful churches and it's stained glass windows
Beautiful Poppies  Photobucket
This painting looked like it was on Marble, but it is really canvas! a vendor that sold crochet finger puppets which I would like to try to make!