Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday

 As I was returning home from dropping Kyler off at school, I pulled into Dalton Woods and saw the most breath-taking site! In front of me was the hazy, misty view of a beautiful tiny sliver short of a full moon... It was in this vein that I was thankful it was fall, it was almost Halloween and that I was surrounded by a forest of trees! I mean, without the trees would i get this eerie scene straight out a Michael Jackson Thriller video?! Not in the slightest!

Full moon... Not this is the Harvest moon

This is a picture of the Harvest moon. Which obviously is not the Full Moon of today!

The moon
This is a picture of the full moon but not today either. This was taken in Utah in June. But, it still fits in with the theme.

I mean truly, could I take a picture of the Full moon while driving? I think that is dangerous! ; OP