Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Today, this girl and this boy made me happy...!

Today was a day to relish in my two younger kids experiences!

Kenna, is turning into such a beautiful teenager and I can't believe that she has half a year of school left before she in in High School, where in the world is the time going?  She has been reading Ally Carter books which I didn't really know if she would like, but bought over the summer because I wanted to spur on her joy of reading... Yes, she loves them and Yeah, she is done with the 2 I bought , so we went to the library to request the 3rd book. How long will it take do you think?

Kyler, is a hunk of a guy!  He has been so busy with JROTC, that we don't see him as much as we would like to!  He also, has been very busy with friends (guys and girls,) hanging out, watching movies, playing softball , watching Volleyball, etc...  He is amazing to me on his dance moves. He has been teaching himself how to break dance and it is fun to see how his "moves" are improving!  I think that he should start a Title 9 guys drill team. Just kidding, Soon I am going to hear, "mom, you are so lame, you need to go back to high school and see how it works," when he reads this! He forgets that up until we moved to Ocala, I was in the know about those kinds of things!

Am I lucky to be their mother? I think it is not luck but a Divine Priviledge!!!