Sunday, November 27, 2011

Interesting thing happened on the way to learning about the American Government

Interesting thing happened on the way to learning about the American Government, I became politically conscience.  I hate that I care about it now. Before I would listen to the candidates, go by my little knowledge and Matt's advice and vote for someone who acted as if he could lead. Now, I have learned that I am really annoyed at the continual empty words and fighting that happens decade after decade between Presidental candidates. I know this is nothing new even during the 2nd Presidental race mudslinging happened, but as a now politically conscience 42 year old, I was hoping that there would be better choices in the pool of men & woman to pick this time around. It's the same old, same old and I am not full of optimism at the fate of our country unless you and I do something about it.  I thought that I wanted Mitt Romney for a GOP candidate but I realize that he is like everyone else, hollow, controversial and full of sweet talking words.
The only man, that we haven't heard enough from is John Huntsman and as a person who lived during his reign as Govenor, I really wish he would open his mouth wide and loud and show everyone that there is an intelligent Republican out there we can vote for.  He understands Foreign Policy probably better than any of the other candidates and with China in the rule of commerce, he would be an excellent liason since he has already been there and made contacts with their government as the Ambassador to China. We, who lived in Utah saw overall taxes drop, natural food sales tax drop but other taxes/fees were raised like the rediculous price of renewing your DL or Plates. But, I will also say that during his reign Utah was at the highest point of the economy with the housing boom but  also served during the collapse until he became Ambassador.  I trust him more than any other candidate and will more than likely be voting for him to get him past the primary. Too bad he is so low on the polls.  Again, I think he needs to open wide and speak up!

I don't want to complain about my knowledge but a heavy burden has now been put on my shoulders. As my great Professor Thompson says, "It is my [your] responsibility to know what the issues are, what the words really mean and what you are willing to do for the messages you don't like." Dang, I want to live in a sheltered, take it for granted the best man will win life and let everyone else decide for me. But, how is that working for me- really?  I will continue to search the issues, I will continue to watch all news channels and take their words with a grain of salt, I will continue to read POLITICO and every other blog from both sides and weight them out in my mind and then move forward with what I believe is best.  I will never again complain and use anyone elses words to speak for myself.

What will you do?