Thursday, January 26, 2012

Room to Write

About 3 years ago today, I walked into a fantastic little 2nd hand book shop called A Novel Idea Bookstore and fell in love the second I saw the sweetest fluffy-want-to hug cat curled up on one of the chair in the entrance of the store. If you have never been I suggest you go to either the original location on the Boulevard or their new store on College Road which cleverly is called A Novel Idea: Chapter Two.

While I was wandering the stacks and stacks of books conviently labeled with sections entitled such names as; Romance, Civil War History, Education, New Age and other Genres, I happened upon the children section and found a extremely clean version of one of my mom's favorite books to read us:

So I carried my memory laden book around with me for 30 minutes looking at all the beautiful colored covers, touching varieties of papers used under those covers and smelling rich history exuding from those wonderful books. I was in Heaven.
The last stacked shelf I wandered into (after realizing that it had been an hour since first stepping into this haven,) was the writing section. I hadn't done a lot of writing for about 3 months before we moved to Ocala because it was winter and my muse is gathered while sitting on the veranda of my front porch in my strategically placed rocking bench where no one could find me and yet, I could be visible and on hand for my kids at a moments notice. (It's funny, everyone in the family knew it was where I disappeared to but was still the last place they ever thought of looking, but I digress...)

I happened to come upon two books that caught my eye. Both of these books were small no bigger than a 5 x 7 picture and yet so filled with wonderful ideas that I knew I needed to bring them home.
Rush up to today- After 3 years I have finally opened both those books and let their spirit fill my mind with excitement of the challenges that they were producing and the edification of writing tips that flowed off the paper. It was almost as good as having Professor Robison sitting next to me but not quite. Man, I miss that dear woman. (I hope she is enjoying her first month of retirement.)
This book provided me with a wonderful "Free writing" today.
I followed its suggestion of just Diving In and writing whatever came out of my mind produced by the single chosen word Desert until I hit the bottom of the legal sized yellow notepad I was writing on.
This is what I came up with:

Or in plain text and not a photo:
(remember this is free prompt writing no stopping allowed and no corrections just flowing words on a page.)
     The warm of a desert can be stifling tosay the least. No room for growth of ever tall trees completes the package, for no shade exists. The sand is not only unbearable to walk on but also to look at in the bright reflection of sun. the only desert, desert,desert ( we were told to write the word we chose until something else came to mind.) enjoyable tangible visions are the strange and unique plant life that desires and fights to live in the unnatural dryness. one other beautiful tangible sense is the sounds of nothingness until an animal or bird breaks through slicing the silence. last beautiful sense- the feel of initial heat on your skin that makes up close our eyes and tilt your face towards that molton loving enegry producer. Desert, Desert, Desert, thirst producing you dream of pebble ice from Sonic melting on your tongue like an icecream cone on the ground. Sleep, if you dar to sleep you may never wake up. It's not like lounging on the pools edge sipping slurpees and diving in when you are too hot to handle sitting anymore~ thre is only sound, cactuses & hidden agendas. The desert red is inviting but only with an iarconditioned building within walking distnace or out your back door- where your house is ready to welcome you in with welcome arms filled with drinks, coolness and comfort. thristy now just think of it.

After writing and trying to take a picture of my writing, Mother Nature decided to turn the page- I guess she wanted me to continue. Unfortunatly, the sun was starting to create a glare on the pages, my eyes were getting dry and thirst really was beckoning me back into the house.
This morning has been a happy time spent doing one of the things that I love best. Now to get ready for the return of my not so little chicklets back into my presence.