Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Math and the "5 Hour Energy" Girl

Yesterday (and probably tomorrow [ actually for the last few weeks]) I have had a girl who has completely been annoying me from across the classroom. She was moved right next to me by the Professor! Usually, she is standing up and talking, cleaning out her backpack and offering over and over her little can of 5-hour Energy Drink. I am pretty sure that she either has drank too much of that drink or she is one something else.

To drown her out I wear my iphone headphones crank up the Mozart channel on Pandora and try to focus on what I am doing in my own little world. Yesterday, I had to finish up my practice test so that I could move on to the module test helping me to move on to the next Module. I really want to get all 9 modules done so that I don't have to do this class again!  Anyway, she distracted me. Finally got the practice test done 10 minutes before the end of class. I decided not to wait until Wednesday and went to the Math Lab. Low and behold while I was sitting in the glassed off test area the girl comes in and sits down to take her practice test! she talked for the first 20 minutes of my 60 minute test!!!!  To say I was peeved was an understatement- I ended up running out of time (mind you it was a HARD module.) and ended up with a 65% on the test. The only lucky aspect is that I get one more chance to take the test without having to do the Module again. Tomorrow I sit against the wall in my regular classroom, crank up the headphones and make sure I am siting next to someone else other than the "5 hour energy girl"

This is not why the girl in my class is drinking 5-Hour Energy Drinks- there is no way that she can get an A when she can't even get her concepts figuared out, and/or sit down to work on her studies!

Wish me luck! I still have 3 module left until the end of April and then the final exam to make sure is done by May 5th!