Friday, November 02, 2012

To the Haters on Facebook.

While perusing Facebook this morning I saw this picture posted of people desperate for food- I decided to click on the comment section to see what people were saying in response to the picture expecting horror, sadness and grief for the people involved who obviously are in dire need.  What I found instead was hatred, blame of the President, blame of Mitt Romney, biting retorts in attack and defense surrounding these two men and more than an absurd amount of comments comparison this storm to the response of Pres. Bush during Hurricane Katrina... Only 20 of the thousands+ comments were compassionate towards the dumpster digging!

I am abhorred at the lack of caring emotion from all these people.
Out of frustration I wrote this message:

To all the people on this board-

Is complaining about Pres. Obama, Gov. Romney, or Pres. Bush for that matter helping these poor people of N.Y., New Jersey, Maryland or Virginia (and all other states affected)? NO!
Quit the whining and partisanship and do something to help these people!

Helping during Disasters is not about government, money or who is better at their job- it's about love, compassion and action. Either show some compassion for these people by doing your best to find a way to help or shut up!!!

Our nation is under attack by our hatred, not by who is for what party. We are Americans- we need to join together. If you can't go to these disaster areas then form a group to get together and package humanitarian aide materials like many did for Hati- if you can't find time to do that, spare a few dollars and help a group who can! Seriously stop the hatred!!!!!!!

*Hurrican Sandy, who I am sad to say has the same name as myself started affecting North America on October 16th when it flooded portions of Florida and continued on up the coast headed for the North East. Here is proof of the devastation that led to the original thought of this post.

Courtesy of Hurricane Sandy Official Facebook Page
This is a picture of the Long Beach N.Y. Boardwalk.
I have many feelings about this picture. This is my birthplace.
The boardwalk was walked on by many of my family members and myself.
When you think Hurricane do you think about Snow? 
Nope, but this is what happened in North Virginia.
This is the entrance to the tunnel at Battery Park in N.Y.
for some reason I can only think of how this would look by thinking of the movie Independence Day,
When Jasmine is running from the blast from the aliens and the tunnel is funneling the blast.
I am so glad that no one was in this tunnel when the floods came.
Todd Maisel/New York Daily News
One thing that amazes me is the resilience of our nation- observed from these pictures:
The Statue of Liberty rejuvenated in the past few years. She was retrofitted to accommodate disabled people creating a way for them to take in the awe of her uniqueness. She in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy still stands resolute even with the flooded floors below.

People who care placed an American Flag to buoy up those who are emotionally and physically brought down in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and are dealing with their own type of Hell in Breezy Point who not only lived through the Hurricane damage then eventually lost their homes to a ravaging fire.

Anthony DelMundo for New York Daily News
To all the FB Haters: Does this stir your hearts or are you still apt to blame, argue or use foul language towards each other because you are shallow uncompassionate people?
My heart cares for the plight of these people.
Prayers and help are needed and that is what we all should be doing!