Friday, April 05, 2013

Dear 16 year old self

     What would I say to you, my 16 year old self- if I could send you a letter to the past?  I would first tell you that you do not need to fit in to the super popular crowd so quit trying. Don't fight the urge to go out for that part in the school play just because in your drama class production for some other classes you embarrass yourself in front of John Esplin; he doesn't even notice.
    Try out for Madrigals, not just Acapella choir; then you can sing to heart's delight with Julie Reavely. You can be loud and proud and not look like a fool and be happier than you were, I promise.
     Take those art classes you so desperately want to in High school because you loved them your first two years of Jr. High. Don't be afraid you will be the geek girl of the bunch.  BE THE GEEK GIRL. You are that smart!
     I would also tell you to keep reading and writing. Your love of reading draws you into a place of happiness, deep understanding of words and how they can help or hurt someone and the beauty of your writing can express those alphabetic links to touch others.

      Love your family and don't be afraid to express yourself to your mom. She has your back, your front and your sides covered but even more than that she will protect your heart when the handsomest boys in the neighborhood or school don't pay attention to you unless its convenient for them. She will be there for you when you are so confused on who you really want to be and can help you figure it out. She loves you. She wants to listen. She is wise! Open your mouth and just pour out your heart. You won't regret it.
     Those songs, you pick out to be your theme songs for each High School year (Man in Motion- the St. Elmo's Fire Soundtrack, and  I'm Free from the Footloose Soundtrack ). Really listen to the words. They will guide you along and lift you up.

      Even though it seems like no one appreciates you, the people who matter the most- your family and those friends that you don't connect with until the end of HS are the ones that love you for who you are. (Don't worry, you meet a super hot, super successful man that you love and will marry [he looks like Kevin Bacon  and a blond Prince Eric. I swear, he does]). You and he raise just-as-adorable-as-you kids. Just don't forget to appreciate every single second with them...)

     Yes, you go through an awkward stage, but, in the end you are beautiful and dynamic you just don't know it yet.
     But, most of all, I would tell you that you are beautiful no matter what anyone else says. You don't need to be tinier than you already are. Seriously, you are SKINNY girl, embrace it!
You don't need super blond hair (Sun-In is not your best friend), or even super straight teeth to fit in. Wear sunscreen and sunglasses (because you looked fabulous darling in those shades!)

     Just be happy to be you.

(this doesn't include anything spiritual related- that is for another day...)