Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Delicacies of Life

This little ditty was found in my drafts amongst the previous winter's posts. How did I not post this? Well, I guess it's better late than never as they say (who is they, anyway?).

It wafts through the air and into my brain,
Like the licks of it's flame I can see it.
Red, blue, green, purple and pink 
chairs unfolded.

Light shines down on us from the
Great harvest moon.

We stick our marshmallow rods into it's warmth,
smashing them on graham squares
smothered with Hershey's chocolate.
Mallow and cocoa
melt out the corners of our mouths. 

Pwhew- pwhew- pwhew.

It's orange swirls
darkens gooey whiteness to black.
"Oh, thats too bad now it's burnt too much to eat sweetie,"
is heard around the circle.
A tiny blonde Imp pops the burnt fluff into her mouth.
"It's the way I like it," she croons.

Crackling, popping, spitting
it clouds our eyes.
Every once in a while someone moves to an empty seat 
as if we are playing
Musical chairs. 

The content noise of happy people.

seated besides a rippling Florida pool
It's unseen fragrance transports me 
to my daughter's first camping trip.

Photo source: SXC