Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Florida College System Publication Association’s 54th Annual Awards Banquet

It's been odd not being part of CF's Imprints this semester. The only highlight is that I get to attend the Awards Banquet to see how the magazine does this year. My worry is that we won't place in anything or place low and not to the usual standard of 1st or 2nd place.  As the 2013 editor, it all rides on my shoulders even though, I have to remember that things are not always what we want to put out. As my editor dedication stated. We went through losing our layout and cramming it all in 4 days to publish it. This makes me a nervous Nelly, my editor's hat wasn't on for more than 1 hour at the end... I think that really sucks. WE will see what happens.

IMPRINTS magazine placed in 2 categories:

Judge: Lester Goran
Division A
First Place: Richard Lee (“A Lonely Scarecrow”), Howl! (Spring Term), Florida Gateway College Judge's Comments: “A poignant depiction of a strong sense of loss told from an unusual vantage.”
Second Place: Jessyca Thibault (“A Black Hole”), Imprints, College of Central Florida Ocala Campus Third Place (Tie): Bruno Leite (“Excitement, Intelligence, and Denial”), Aeolus, Daytona State College Third Place (Tie): Neylin Castrillo (“Marks”), CafĂ© Cultura, Miami Dade College Hialeah Campus
Division B
First Place: Jankarlo Gonzalez (“Jonny B.”), Phoenix, Valencia College
Judge's Comments:
“This is a nice recapturing in form and content of an earlier time.”
Second Place: Jerron Feaster (Page 23), Metromorphosis, Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus Third 
Place: Bryan Aguilar (Sonnet to a Kiss”), Miambiance, Miami Dade College Kendall Campus 

Two-Page Spread
Division A
First Place: Kelci Elliot, Robert Gaskill (Pages 18-19), Mobius, Pasco-Hernando Community College Judge's Comments: “Powerful art and text combine to create a unified feel. Good work.”
Second Place: Lawrence Grimm, Jessica Keith, John Picione (p. 70-71), Aeolus, Daytona State College Third Place: Sandra Brower, Ashley Kinney (Pages52-53), Imprints, College of Central Florida Ocala Campus
Division B
First Place: Heather Vazquez (Pages 50-51),
Phoenix, Valencia College
Judge's Comments:
“Nice connection with the verbal and the visual; graphics and design help unite the magazine, especially this spread.
Second Place: Chelsea Fernandez, Claudia Gonzalez (Pages 22-23), Axis, Miami Dade College North Campus Third Place: Nick Griesbach, Giannina Valles (Pages 46-47), Triad, Hillsborough Community College 

Well, lookie here:  one of those awards is for one of my submissions!  I was so excited and pleasantly surprised. I guess that the 4 day hectic, crazy madness wasn't all in vain even though it didn't win as many awards as last year. 

Here is the poem that went with that submission:  

Sea, Sand and Love

The waves hit the flattened tan shore
like dolloped whip cream on a pie.
She was soothed by its sounds,
In her heart she screamed for warmth
instead of the icy coldness
penetrating through her soul.

He walked ten feet in front of her.
How was she supposed to break
through the brick wall
he had erected around himself?
She walked quickly, grabbed his hand
Then was rejected. 

Instead of working through it
she focused on a sandpiper
skittering along the water’s edge;
it’s needle-pointed beak jabbed
at the sand for food.
reminiscent of the words
that had come out of his mouth
not more than 15 minutes ago.

She lets it all float away out of her heart
like the water carrying shells and sea plants
back out into the surf.
Skipping along the foam
she wished he’d take off
his sneakers
join in the fun­­­,
he was such a stick in the mud
never thinking to join her.

This is her life, the tide of happiness
receding in and out
against the soft or rough sands
disappearing in the blink of an eye.

and the picture was of a churning brown sea... Yeah, it presented the feelings the gal in the poem was going through. 

The activity that I miss the most not being on the IMPRINTS staff is working with the Student Body Activities Board. I guess, when I get back on campus in January, I will have to join a club and ask to be the rep for said club or apply to be on the board. I wonder who I contact for that.  (Ah, a mystery... I love solving mysteries.)