Thursday, November 07, 2013

Bane of my existence Part 2

Dear Bane (no, not Batman's arch enemy)-

I seriously don't know what to do with you! I thought I had already discussed and eradicated you a few years ago, but here you are again back in my domain. How did you find me 2,000 miles away and 5 houses later? Geez, You are persistent. I wish you had come back in your previous state and not in a new body, then you would be easier to deal with since that situation I am the boss of. 
No, you had to come back in an area hard for me to reach and hard for me to convince others that you don't need to exist at all. 

A simple wipe down after each use and bam, you would be controlled and even killed, but no, these people I live with really must like you so much that they are harboring such a cruel fiend like you.


My Microwave. I really, really hate when warming up of a dinner plate the time is set too long to cook and blows up all over the inside. What makes it worse,  is when NO ONE wipes it down and continues to cook in it so the filth is baked on to the walls of that microwave whose ceiling is out of my reach.  

Matt finally cleaned it and yet, some how it is all filthy again 5 days later... You are definitely the bane of my existence once again!