Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Confident For All

My beautiful girl and her friends went to the pumpkin patch for pictures and this gem caught my eye. She's chatting with her best friend Kristen. 

I love the randomness of the shot. Just like their unlikely friendship. One bubbly and strong the other shy and unsure of her world. 

Watching your children grow from a dependent baby to independent young adult. You become amazed at the journey they have taken to get to where they are. Mckenna is one of the bright spots of my memories and life. She has always been a fantastic dancer, a loving sister, a loving and independent friend. She can sometimes be moody, but what drama queen isn't? She is super mature sometimes to the detriment of others around her because she doesn't tolerate immaturity.  I love her determination and her drive for perfection. She is a great student and leader in her JROTC. She is a loyal friend, knows when to give a smile to someone who needs it and can sympathize when needed. She is special. 

17 years of hugging, holding and caring for her and I am still amazed at not only her outer beauty but her inner beauty. I am so blest to be her mother.