Thursday, August 07, 2014

Sitting on a Stoop

My early morning is usually spent sitting on my front stoop reading with a big glass of O.J. sitting besides me.
Today that peace was ruined by two landscapers who stared at me instead of doing their job. After staring them down for a what felt like forever but was really only a minute, I wandered despondent to the backyard where the sun doesn't shine until late afternoon.  I love the sun, I need the sun, my day will now be crappy without that morning rejuvenation to my soul.

I was annoyed —I could hear those obnoxious weed trimmers buzzing, overcoming the lovely sound of the chirping of crickets and the songs of the cardinals that usually inhabit my bush and bird feeder at this time of day. 
I am sure that when the cardinals flew away they were squawking at me to go away, just like I was willing the landscapers to.

Those 5 cardinals love the backyard as it is their private domain in the wee hours of late morning. 
Copyright: Life is a Snap! photography 2014

I feel bad— those landscapers are ruining the day for my red headed friends too. Grrr... 

Some how the humidity is more noticeable without the sun being involved. Funny how that happens. Most people complain about the sunshine AND humidity, I'm a tag team type of girl I guess. It's fine when they are together, it's not so fine when it's just the humidity. The breeze playing in the backyard doesn't seem strong enough to change my mind on this point. 

Maybe if I sit real still and quiet my friends will come back? 

All of a sudden another truck drives up to the home which sits kiddie corner from mine (where did the term kiddie corner come from anyway?) It's another landscape truck, then a white truck with a water barrel creeps into view from the road running through off those backyards, great- the fence painters are back!!! 

I have to think, it really is Thursday, correct? Usually all the work guys come on Wednesday to all these homes, why are they a day late? 
Why can't these neighbors do their own yards like normal people on Saturday????

Boy, I really need to find a new place to wake up. I really do love my front stoop though. I guess I better head in so my little friends can play. I am sure the Landscape guys don't bother them.
Five minutes inside and it is quiet once again.  Isn't that the way it always goes? 
I guess I throw on some sneakers and head off for a walk while there is peace in the air.