Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday Theorization

Cash for the merchandise... July is one of those months that I delve into foot stomping, sappy singing, productions of eras bygone. In other words- musicals. The first is always viewed on Independence Day.  The ultimate drum banging, trumpet tooting, marching uniform, library dancing, piano teacher vs. con-man. It is the epic musical of all time. I love the Music Man. I fell in love with it the minute that Robert Preston turned around his suitcase and all the salesmen found out he's the con man who is giving a black eye to all their careers.

I sing songs from Music Man all month long and I think it drives Matt nuts that he has to hear Good Night My Someone every night before he goes to sleep.  Sap runs through my veins, not so much his. If I could find somewhere that actually had dances with old-tyme dancing and someone like Buddy Hackett singing Shipoopi i would spend the whole night dressed up in ruffles and bows.

Imagine my happiness when I became an ensemble member in St. George Musical Theater's theater-in-the round production back in the early 2000's. The opening sequence to Iowa Stubborn sent shivers down my spine.  Seeing my little girl dancing in the library during Marian the Librarian was like a dream come true.

The message that musicals gave me was no matter how much you screw up your life or "con" people, you can turn your life around and make good.

I always want to sing my way through uncomfortable situations. People look at me oddly when I open my mouth and the tune to Pick-A-Little, Talk-A-Little comes out of my mouth when so much gossip is going around in my vicinity. Thank heavens most people don't know what they heck it means, sometimes though, they do: one of two things usually happen,either quiet snickers are heard or dirty looks are shot my way. I prefer the quiet snickers. One time though, to my surprise, some one joined in with my annoyance and sang out when I reached the end- pick-a-little, talk-a-little-cheep!  Boy, that was a super duper good time. We both laughed in companionship although I had no idea who the man was. I suppose he was just a man after my own heart- sarcastic and a lover of musical goodness. 

Life would be so much easier if others just learned from all that song and dance. West Side Story would teach us that hatred isn't worth going to war over especially when we don't even know what it was that started the hatred in the first place. Carosel would teach us that no matter your situation you are still worth so much more than how people treat you. You have to believe in yourself or you won't ever be truly happy with life. Yes, life throws us crap. It's how we face it that makes all the difference.  

Musicals might be boring, annoying and idiotic to some people, but to me, they are something fun through song, dance and instill life long lessons through their stories.

Do you like Musicals?  What is your favorite and why?