Thursday, May 26, 2016

You've got mail baby, yeah!!

A true story: 
During our move from Utah to Florida I packed up my vinyl albums and packed them securely away. When my turntable died unpacking at the first house, (we lived in 5 houses there) I decided not to unpack the albums until I got a new turntable. 

This past Christmas the kids bought me a new turntable! Great kids, right???

When I unpacked my albums the one vinyl not in good shape was "Purple Rain". It was broken in two!!! 
Needless to say, I was super sad about this. It was the first album I bought without knowledge to my parents of me owning it. 😇 

So I ordered a new album. I couldn't wait for the two day delivery. The day of expected delivery I received a message that the order was on permanent hold. That same morning I read Prince had died. Heartache. Depression.  No music to jam in honor of the genius. Well, not in true music junkie form on my turntable. I though about gluing the album together I was so sad... I'm wacky, okay? 
Then, I remembered I had already chucked it. Now you get why all the videos, etc... Right?

A few days ago I got a message asking for guidance and whether I still wanted the album. Of course I did, what a silly question. 
About 5 min ago I received an email saying the album will arrive on the 2nd of June!! Woo hoo!!! (Happy birthday to my big brother that day too!)
[fun fact: when I get email my iPad message is from Austin Powers informing me, "you've got mail baby, yeah!"] 

Expect to hear a whole bunch of music jamming from the Brower house that day, and yes, dad, some of it will be Purple Rain, even if you are here!!  

Friday, May 20, 2016

Haiku Friday Prompt

Friday Haiku Challenge

Challenge words:

Magic & Glimmer

words provided by: Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge

Glimmer stormy clouds
streak towards lakes aroused by Spring
born unicorn’s magic.
This is my first haiku attempt so be kind.
Just  to make sure this is really a haiku. 5/7/5 syllables:
1.       Glimmer stormy clouds streak towards lakes aroused by spring
2.       Streak towards lakes aroused by Spring born unicorn’s magic.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Room to Write: One word spew

I sat outside today in my Crimson and Gold FSU chair aiming to read a book, Juliet by Anne Fortier. The air was warm, there was an aggressive breeze teasing my hair and construction going on down the street.
Instead of reading, I decided that I needed to write first. I went into the house grabbed a hard covered blue denim notebook, a florally pink and white pencil and my Room to Write book.  The page I flipped to asked me to pick one word that has multiple meanings from the 5 suggested words. I picked Lie. The instructions said that I just had to write the word and then keep writing as my mind wandered through its course until the end of the page.  I used a fat pencil; not a good idea, my hand was cramping halfway through the practice.  As I wrote I some how came up with this...

Remember this is spewing and not being afraid to just let thoughts flow...

Lie down next to each other. Look into each other's eyes as you are lying down. Speak of a fact that you have that never told the person lying next to you. Now have that person repeat what you told them. Listen to what they say = did they hear correctly?  Did it sound like truth to you or did you tell them a lie and you can tell yourself that you lied and acknowledge that lie to your partner...?

Can you tell them the truth?  If not get up, you don't deserve to be lying next to them. That is too intimate a position to be in.

Stand, face that person and ask them to tell you truth. When they do watch heir body language - are they looking at your? Are they folding their arms tight around their body or are they standing arms loose, hands rested and seem at ease with themselves> 
What does their body say to you besides their words?  Do you believe their truth or are they lying to you also?

Now repeat to them what you heard say. Do they respond shocked o agree with your assessment? if they agree then lie down next to each other again. Hold hands, connect legs then tell another fact to them. Look them in the eye- how do you feel?  Do you feel yourself risking with the individual wrapped around you? If  not stand up again0 hold hands and don't look away. Repeat your truth, repeat it over and over again. Does it sound convincing to you?  If not how can your partner feel enough to trust you?

If you don't agree- try again until you feel strong enough to risk it all it if you can't you need to leave the room and walk away. You are not intimately trusting enough to have this relationship.

* Geez, was  I pulling an inner Psychologist's spirit as I was writing?  Weird, right?

Robin Williams

The actor died August 11, 2014 apparently of suicide. My first reaction was omg, how can this happen? How was he that depressed to kill himself, this man who made me laugh so much? This man had been around my whole life. This man is 3 years older than my mom- (holy crap, she's 60 this year?!) 
The world is more clouded place without his humor and effectious smile.

I post one of his hardest roles, I post his most light-hearted roles just to ease the sadness. It doesn't help watching Genie befriend Aladdin, it makes it sadder... I am devastated that his family has this to bear on them, the second guessing, the guilt of not being able to help.

Today, my thoughts are this:

Life is hard, we get into out little bubble and forget that others aren't maybe as happy, as we are, so when something tragedies like suicide happen we get slapped with reality and we just don't like it.

We can never guess what is going on in someone else's world even if they are close family and friends because their mind is a mystery. I am saddened by someone's choice to end their own life but the reality is it's their choice to make, we the ones left behind, are the ones who have to deal with the repercussions of those choices and our own fragile thoughts.

When my brother died, I blamed myself for years and someone said something profound I can't even remember that made me understand HE did this, who was I to carry his burdens and make my life more miserable carrying around his choices.

The one thing we can learn from Mr. William's passing is that we need to be more available if needed. We need to be kind to everyone because we never know what they are going through. I don't mean walking on eggshells but treating others as we want to be treated (you know, the golden rule.) We can only do that part and the rest is up to others to live as they feel.

I find it fascinating that he avoided her comment (with humor ofcourse,)  of having to have bad things happen to be funny. He said one truth at the first initial second then dug away in a flash.

*an old post I found in my box, I thought I published. Still appropriate although it's super late. :(