Thursday, May 19, 2016

Robin Williams

The actor died August 11, 2014 apparently of suicide. My first reaction was omg, how can this happen? How was he that depressed to kill himself, this man who made me laugh so much? This man had been around my whole life. This man is 3 years older than my mom- (holy crap, she's 60 this year?!) 
The world is more clouded place without his humor and effectious smile.

I post one of his hardest roles, I post his most light-hearted roles just to ease the sadness. It doesn't help watching Genie befriend Aladdin, it makes it sadder... I am devastated that his family has this to bear on them, the second guessing, the guilt of not being able to help.

Today, my thoughts are this:

Life is hard, we get into out little bubble and forget that others aren't maybe as happy, as we are, so when something tragedies like suicide happen we get slapped with reality and we just don't like it.

We can never guess what is going on in someone else's world even if they are close family and friends because their mind is a mystery. I am saddened by someone's choice to end their own life but the reality is it's their choice to make, we the ones left behind, are the ones who have to deal with the repercussions of those choices and our own fragile thoughts.

When my brother died, I blamed myself for years and someone said something profound I can't even remember that made me understand HE did this, who was I to carry his burdens and make my life more miserable carrying around his choices.

The one thing we can learn from Mr. William's passing is that we need to be more available if needed. We need to be kind to everyone because we never know what they are going through. I don't mean walking on eggshells but treating others as we want to be treated (you know, the golden rule.) We can only do that part and the rest is up to others to live as they feel.

I find it fascinating that he avoided her comment (with humor ofcourse,)  of having to have bad things happen to be funny. He said one truth at the first initial second then dug away in a flash.

*an old post I found in my box, I thought I published. Still appropriate although it's super late. :(