Thursday, May 26, 2016

You've got mail baby, yeah!!

A true story: 
During our move from Utah to Florida I packed up my vinyl albums and packed them securely away. When my turntable died unpacking at the first house, (we lived in 5 houses there) I decided not to unpack the albums until I got a new turntable. 

This past Christmas the kids bought me a new turntable! Great kids, right???

When I unpacked my albums the one vinyl not in good shape was "Purple Rain". It was broken in two!!! 
Needless to say, I was super sad about this. It was the first album I bought without knowledge to my parents of me owning it. 😇 

So I ordered a new album. I couldn't wait for the two day delivery. The day of expected delivery I received a message that the order was on permanent hold. That same morning I read Prince had died. Heartache. Depression.  No music to jam in honor of the genius. Well, not in true music junkie form on my turntable. I though about gluing the album together I was so sad... I'm wacky, okay? 
Then, I remembered I had already chucked it. Now you get why all the videos, etc... Right?

A few days ago I got a message asking for guidance and whether I still wanted the album. Of course I did, what a silly question. 
About 5 min ago I received an email saying the album will arrive on the 2nd of June!! Woo hoo!!! (Happy birthday to my big brother that day too!)
[fun fact: when I get email my iPad message is from Austin Powers informing me, "you've got mail baby, yeah!"] 

Expect to hear a whole bunch of music jamming from the Brower house that day, and yes, dad, some of it will be Purple Rain, even if you are here!!  

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