Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Thoughts of day part deux

**** I follow the New York Times Live feed. Mrs. Trump's speech came up for discussion. These are my thoughts after listening to that feed and my searching for similar speeches from others:
Some would say that imitation is the best form of flattery...
Now, I don't know if Mrs. Trump "plagerized" part of her speech last night from Mrs. Obama's 2008 speech, however, there are only so many words in the english language and only so many ways to write about your values, your dreams and aspirations (which have been passed down from generations of your ancestors) until it all sounds like someone else said it.
How many times have you said something, or written something where you have Deja Vue and are like, "hey, I know that sounds familiar"? I am sure someone else has said it before you, or you read it in a book, you logged it into your subconcious and it comes out as an original. I Personally would not want to sound like Mrs. Obama, as she is the first lady, and her speeches are the freshest in people's ears. Then again, what do I know?

What I know is that this happens in political campaigns all the time. People use political slogans used in decades past (compare Pres. Reagan's and Pres. Obama's when he first ran. That one I remember because I was old enough for President Reagan's campaign to remember the idea he was running on and thought, Hum, sounds familiar...), they give speeches that others have given and don't get slammed for it. It happens to the best of good speakers, for instance, this one compaign speech from a president whome people call the great orator, Pres. Barak Obama.
If I were to give a speech in front of the whole world, had a ton of money, and wanted to sound original I would hire Aaron Sorkin as my speech writer, he has a way with political words and it would be the most amazing speech ever. Just my two cents.

Instead of nitpicking on Mrs. Trump (or anyone else), let us worry about things that matter, for instance: Poverty, hunger, disease, building up people (not tearing down), passing on a smile, huging a child and loving each other?