Tuesday, December 06, 2016


Wanderlust: a strong desire to travel.
I have always wanted to travel. As a little girl it was to the mountains for a picnic with my family; to southern california for the beach and Disneyland; Manhattan to see a broadway musical; Saturn to slide along it’s rings, or just reading books about traveling based in other countries of our beautiful world. I dreamed of stepping off a train, plane or out of an automobile looking up and seeing the skyline of tall buildings, capitol rotundas, viewing wildflowers and drawing them while sitting on a ridge in a national park and/or walking through the aqueducts of an ancient Mediterranean town. Some of these dreams have come to fruition, some have not. I know I will never make it to Saturn, that is just a little girl’s imagination running full steam, however the rest, I can and will accomplish sometime in my life.
Over the last two years I have been blessed to travel across the United States moving from Ocala, Florida to St. George, Utah. St. George, Utah to Northern California as my final home base while my husband does his thing as Lincoln, California’s City Manager.  Our children reside in three towns within 700 miles of our home. This gives me wonderful, hug filled times with them AND places to travel in between.  This means I can explore where ever my heart desires. As I write this I realize our extended family resides from corner to corner of this beautiful nation, why not reconnect and see new places on my way to their homes?  This I have done with weddings happening in our Brower family. It has been a glorious time!
Over the next few weeks and months I would love to rediscover my adventures, the things I have seen and the feelings I encountered as I journeyed through Florida, wandering familiar haunts in St. George, Utah. Discovering Lake Tahoe, California through Matt and I’s hikes. Yosemite National Park, San Francisco, Northern California with my parents and finally traveling alone from home to Las Vegas, NV, and back home on Rt. 66, up Highway 1 and 101.I also want to write about my train journeys to Washington State, over to Chicago and down to Ellicott City Maryland.
Some of my posts will include photos, others will not, as I want my words to be the imagery you see.  Hopefully I will also be able to continue to travel and write about those journeys too. My next dream trip would be to Rome or the Blackforests of Germany.  I wonder if I can talk the hubby into doing that one with me?  Time will tell as my Grandpa Field used to say…
I would love for you to journey with me. Will you?
* I think it would be awesome if in the comments over the next few months you shared your journeys with me or send me your website link so I can travel with you too. ~Sandi, @_LIFEISASNAP