Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Inspiration leads to Adventure... Pt. 1

Route 66,  a road that I have always dreamt about driving down in my convertible, top down, hair scarfed, sunglasses on (think Thelma and Louise) radio blasting a nice mix of 1940's through 1990's inspired music- definitely the song with the same title as the road: Route 66 was the beginning of the play list. My favorite version is sung by Perry Como which has a second, less heard, verse which carries more towns names when following Route 66, all written by Bobby Troupe.

My journey started with a thought. I was driving down the very boring and empty roads of Highway 95 through Northern Nevada. I mean you pass Area 51 when you do this drive. Super interesting Alien titled buildings and a Clown Motel (one day just for the fun of it, I would love to stay there).

I was headed to Las Vegas, Nevada and St. George, Utah to spend Easter and a few extra days with my kids. I was listening to Pandora when I had the light bulb go off in mind, "hey, why can't I go visit my dear friend Leah after I leave Devin and Aliza?  They are super close and right off of Route 66. Then I can follow it home (well, extended way home) It could be a great adventure. I got my camera, I could go all the way to the end..."  So, I called Matt, told him what I was thinking and he knowing me to be a non-adventurous gal, said, "hmmm, you don't usually stretch yourself this way, go for it!"  I find that hilarious as I love Road Trips. Always have, always will. Probably started out from our family weekend drives all over Utah.

Anyway, I found on my Trip Advisor app that there was already a bunch of cool things mapped out from Topock, AZ to Santa Monica Pier, CA.  From there I found a bunch of eclectic sites to visit on the roads that I knew Matt wouldn't want to stop at, places like a Bottle Tree Forest, An original Orange Fruit Stand, The Wigwam Motel (to some a dive. To me, fun!)

For the next few Wednesdays, I thought I would post about the different places that I visited and my growth as a person from my observations throughout the adventure!

Are you ready to join me?  Have you been on Route 66? What were your favorite memories and observations?