Tuesday, May 23, 2017

All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda

Reading All The Missing Girls by Megan Miranda was definitely an adventure. No, not an adventure, it's a psychological thriller. I loved every twist and turn.

Nicolette Farrell left her small close knit town when she was 18 years old after her best friend Corrine disappeared. 10 years later she gets a mysterious call from her brother and she gets sucked back in to a place she never wanted to visit again.  This thriller is written in a unique fashion. I won't tell you about that because i don't want to ruin any of the fun you will encounter.

This is the 1st book I've read of Ms. Miranda's.  I was blessed to be able to talk to her about All The Missing Girls

My Question: "Megan- what part of writing the story was a surprise even to you? Did your characters develop their own stories that you didn't plan?" 

Megan's Answer: "So many elements end up surprising me as I write! This is one of my favorite parts about writing too -- I love to discover something I never expected when starting out. So many of the characters ended up becoming different than who I thought they were at the start. It was like I was uncovering more about them, just as Nic was." 

The intrigue of the muse has always gotten to me. We don't control our characters, they control us. We are just their mode of transportation into the world of their story. 
Nic seems to be unemotional, selfish woman during the whole story, however if you really analyze her reactions you see she is doing everything she can just to hold her mind together. Will she decide to face her past? Will we find out where Corinne disappeared to and do we ever really know who, in that small little town who is actually telling the truth? That is what you will wonder as you go through the life of Nicolette, her family and close friends. 
*I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The written format was perfect for the story. The characters were full of depth and I felt like I could be living in the midst of them all. Not that I want to be part of a murder mind you, but they were real flesh and bone to me. I feel that is the sign of a great author! 

I am now anxiously, anticipating reading her new book, The Perfect Stranger. 

My Rating: 
It's that good!
Read it for yourself and see if you agree with me...