Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel

• secret spoiler, not a story spoiler...

The Roanoke Girls
by Amy Engel
Published by:
Publication Date: May

When Lane's damaged, emotionally absent mother Camilla commits suicide, she at the age of nearly 16 is sent to live with her grandparents and Cousin Allegra. People she had never met, people her mother would never talk about.  Allegra was a wild, larger than life 15 year old, 9 months younger than Lane. She introduces Lane to the photos of all the Roanoke girls- girls identical to them, same hair, same faces, same age difference.
By the end of the summer Lane runs away like so many of the other Roanoke girls. A decade later, Allegra is the one missing and Roanoke draws Lane back into it's grasp.  All the usual suspects are still around, Tommy, Cooper, Charlie, Sharon, Grandpa and Gran. It's like nothing has changed; then again, everything has changed and Lane knows it.

I read V.C. Andrew's series Flowers in the Attic when I was a teenager. I thought that we were beyond the writing of books about incest. This book was the most incestuous book I have ever read. Brother, father, grandfather, handsome Yates Roanoke loved his girls, and still, some how, I loved this book, even though it was not my type of story...

Maybe it is because Amy Engel does a really great job of introducing the characters and their very quirky personalities. I loved the characters, even started falling in love with Yates. It's hard not to when he makes his girls feel like they are the most important people in the world. Especially for Lane who has never felt love in her whole life. The only person I couldn't fall in love with was Gran. I don't know what it was about her, maybe that prim and proper personality or the hidden agenda she has that you just can't figure out at first what it is.

I read this while I was sick with Pneumonia. It kept me going. It was an easy read even for someone who was coughing her guts out ever few seconds. This story is not gross, it is not dirty,  it doesn't "show" any of the dark stuff, its just an underlying current, a hidden scent of a secret that you just can't ignore.

Where did Allegra go? What made her run? What is her secret? Is there more than just the family secret?  You will only find out if you read this book!  Go ahead and read it, You won't be disappointed!  :)

I rated this 4.5 stars for Character development and intrigue

Have you read Roanoke Girls?  
What did you think about the story?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Books a Plenty!

Books, Books, Books, have you ever had the good pleasure of having too many new books to read?

This is the wonderful predicament that I am in right now.  I have 7 books of all genre's waiting in the wings while I finish 2 books I am currently reading, (which I am almost done with 50/100 pages to go!) and the one book I still need to review. I love having this kind of a challenge. It makes me happy reading great stories. This summer hasn't let me down, all 6 books I've finished have been great, except for one and luckily that was a short one.

What kind of books are you reading this fine summer?