Sunday, May 15, 2011

Waking up in the Morning seeing the strangest things…

There's a little brown frog
Swimming in the water
A little brown frog
Doing what he ought-er
He jumped right off of the lily pad
That the little duck bit and he said, "I’m glad
I’m a little brown frog
Swimming in the water.
Ribbet, ribbet, ribbet!"
Three little frogs showed up in our pool this morning, how- I don’t know. I mean last night they weren’t there. I wonder if they came through the doggie door or the big slice in the Pool screen.
Either way, I see this brown thing sitting on the vacuum hose ( or as Kenna calls the amphibious vacuum-  Ronald.) then sitting on the other side of the hose is another frog!  But, the funniest thing to see was the biggest one SWIMMING in the water. I think that one was trying to get out of the pool since it kept trying to jump on the side of the pool but kept slipping.
Finally, I took the pool skimmer and got all three out, the only reason I did this was because the smallest one sitting closest to our room was skittering on the wall over and over. Poor little thing.
Hopefully they have a great adventurous day!  Ribbet Ribbet…