Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Warmth of the Sun

Every morning I am blessed to be woken up by the song of a radiant red Cardinal-- this morning wasn't any different except that this morning I woke up freezing in my 79 degree temperature house. I don't understand it. I guess I was just so warm and snuggly in my bed that the rest of the house just wasn't good enough to replace the safety of that little nest.
On our couch sits Mckenna's old quilt- a beautiful yellow, and green gingham, blue and pink floral Wedding Ring Quilt (very similar to the picture on the right). Anyway, I snuggled up in the blanket determined to warm up so that I could watch last night's American Idol. Colton sings, 4 singers later and I am still freezing. I pulled the blanket tighter and it still wasn't warming me up. I go  open the doors to the pool lanai and step outside and it was WARM! It was only 9:00 a.m. I can't tell you how wonderful it felt on my shivering body.
I finish watching AI. With a mission in mind I gather a book, water and a few writing implements and head out towards the chairs sitting on my pool deck and around the corner walks the pool guy. Crap, no deck time for me while he is here. All I want to do is pretend I am a lizard and stick my body and face in the sun.

(commercial Break for Al's Pool Service)
I have to tell you the pool guy was a welcome sight because our pool has been out of commission all fall & winter long. The water level dropped to a depth of 3 feet. Al (the pool guy) kept the water from turning green until we could get a more sophisticated pool (plumber?) man here to see where the water was leaking, (our landlord has a theory that in the winter the pipes shrink and so the water leaks out where the jets are located. Then when the weather starts heating up the pipes they swell and the water doesn't leak.) Here is to hoping that the sophisticated pool man's work fixed the leak so that I don't have to continue to fill the pool up 3 feet every week like I was doing in the fall.

(now back to the real story)
Finally I was able to get out to my chair with all the previously packed articles when the breeze decides to pick up and I am still shivering. Arms puckered I move the chair into a less breezy spot  within direct sight of the sun, grab The Five Little Pepper and How They Grew and lay back in the chair. Drowsy like a lizard on his warm and cozy rock I fell asleep in my chair. The warmth of the Sun had soothed me just like my little nest the night before. I was loving being outside. Waking up I was a little neck sore. I wanted more that anything at that moment to plop myself right down on Mckenna's quilt in the grass and take a deeper longer nap but I knew I was hindered by these really annoying little worker bugs called red ants that for some reason hate when I disturb their walkways, their homes or their grocery stores. Northern Tall Fescue I really missed you today.

Like my bed, the quilt, and the sun-- I have a warmth that is radiating through my bones today. I want for nothing. I sing with a grateful heart one of my favorite church songs in praise of the beauty that the Lord God has blessed us with:

Whenever I hear The Song of a Bird