Wednesday, April 13, 2011

National Art Museum or as I called it the “Tiring highlight to my day”… Day 2


While taking Humanities, I have re-gained my love of Art and Music.So, going to the Art Museum was a driving force after the Newseum…Matt didn’t want to go, so I went by my little lonesome self and thoroughly enjoy the 5 hours I spent there!  There was something from every decade of human existence and I loved, loved, loved it! I think I need to take an mirage of Art classes!!!


DSC_0939Ah, Monsieur Degas- how I love your study of a dancer. How many hours you must have spent observing to get the movements down so well. You were truly amazing!


The illustrations in this book are so detailed you actually feel as if you are in the scene with the partiers!

DSC_0906Qing Dynasty pottery. cir’early 18th or 19th century!


Eugene Boudin, 1864

I love this painting. It is not a bright sunny day, and yet dressed up in their finest, they are having a sit down luncheon at the beach! I want to do that !


look at this seductress… I love the colors used and the come hither look she is giving. I love Renoir! The picture below is my favorite Renoir, but they didn’t have the painting so, this is a poster you could buy- I ended up getting a bookmark of it.



Madonna and Child- Terra Cotta painted and gilded, 1430!


Portrait of Lorenzo di Credi Perugino 1488

Do you think he was a priest?


Death and the Miser  Bosch 1485/1490


Cherubs playing with a Swan 1672/1673


I love that there are trees growing inside! 


This painting took over 8 years to finish- I wonder what Gentileschi was doing during all that time? Lute Player 1612/1620


Interior of St. Peter’s Rome. 1754 Panini (no, not the sandwich.) looks so real doesn’t it?


A Bishop saint Reimenschneider 1515/1520 Wood


Don’t you love this couple?  I sure thing it is a fun painting. Reminds me of a Renaissance Festival (check out the Jester in the background.)

Ill Matched Lovers 1520/1525

Why are they ill matched do you think?


Marchessa Doria 1606 Rubens


Bag Pipe player Brugghen 1624


Bearded Man with a Beret Lievens 1630


I love this painting, we studied this one in class after we were in D.C. So much detail. Do you want to go iceskating too?

Winter Landscape with Skaters Van Breen 1611



Not the greatest shot, but I loved it so I had to put it up… This might be painted by an ancestor of Matt’s.

Youth Making a Face – Adraein Brouwer 1632/1635 (Finnish)



Portrait of Flowers- S. Brower 2011