Thursday, August 08, 2013


Not Parenthood as in something that I have been doing for the past 23 years, but the television show.

Each actor that contributes to the show is amazing in who they portray. For instance I really enjoy watching Lauren graham act. She is one of my favorite modern actresses. For some reason though, this is not her best role to me. I don't know if Gilmore Girls ruined it for me or the fact that Sarah, her character, is kind of pathetically weak and doesn't show her best acting skills. Maybe her acting skills are sub par but I have never noticed. I mean before she was the main star, now she is part of many many story lines.
But honestly, it could be because Max Buckholder is such an amazing young actor who portrays a preteen who has Aspergers that she is over shadowed... I choose to believe this is my block.

The story line that I am following right now is of Kristina dealing with Breast Cancer. The only other network show that I have seen that has addressed this in such a realistic light is Desperate Housewives when Lynette is diagnosed and how she and her loved ones deal with it. As realistic as that was, Parenthood has covered so much more of the emotions of the kids, the families and friends who are trying to support Kristina. I think this might be because they dig deeper by covering the steps of the affects of the Chemo has on her body more so than DHW did.

The episode I am watching is during Christmas and Kristina is fighting for her life after getting an infection. You see the highs of the kids and the rest of the family enjoying opening presents and the love they have for each other; than you have the complete opposite where she and Adam are in the hospital dealing with the devastation of the affects Cancer can have on the immune system. It's very Poignant.
Kristina makes a video to say goodbye to her family if she doesn't make it through her cancer. I can relate to this. When we lived in Georgia our Stake President did something similar through letters and presents for each special occasion that his girls would go through. I can't imagine going through something like that. I have watched what cancer can do to a loved one and how it affects their family, but it is not a personal in home experience and I pray that I never have to experience it.

This story line has really affected me today even though I have watched more episodes in the last few days.

What I have learned is that we need to count our blessings, thank Heavenly Father for them and really make an effort to love all those we come in contact with so that we can be a blessing to them even if it is smiling at someone in the library line and not be afraid to touch, love and listen to those who are dealing with so much trauma.