Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sweating To Classic Rock

Aerosmith. A Pandora channel that kept me on the treadmill at a good elevation for 30 minutes this morning. At the YMCA they have a program called Coach Approach. This program signs you up with an Exercise Coach and then she acts as your personal coming to God. In that I mean, she is the one that you answer to every two weeks to your exercise and eating choices. I guess you could say she is your personal Jimminy Cricket. She keeps it real but doesn't scream at you while your working out like the Personal Trainers will do.  

I need to lose weight. I need to lose a lot of weight (well, a lot for me.)

This is what I look like today.

The above two pictures are what I plan on looking like again but with a lot more muscle strength.

So, the Mantra for the upcoming week is: I am not the Hare. I am the Tortoise all the way; slow and steady, then watch it, at the finish line I will win every time! 

I set a few goals for the next 6 months. Some of these goals will be completed in the next few months but over all my coach, Claudia will see me those complete 6 months.

Physical Goals

  • Run the Turkey Trot 5k, not crawl like last year.  Running is not a strong point of mine. The last time I ran a good distance was while we were living in Utah. I would run most of the Santa Clara trail and also the Arboretum Trail.
  • Build up my Core Strength through various Group Classes and Water fitness.
  • Build overall muscle strength   
  • Lose 30 pounds
  • First 2 weeks Food Log, just to make sure that I have my serving sizes and healthy eating plan locked in my brain.

Doing all this, I know the poundage will come off. The goal weight is not all I want to lose, but it is a do able goal weight which won't make me feel overwhelmed with  my pathway.  

Eventually, I want to complete the following goals: Running every evening with Matt. Kayaking on Saturday mornings (this will workout my arms, core and provide peace through the beauty of God's gifts to us of nature and companionship. Matt and I have talked about other 5K races. I know I won't be able to run the Color Run this year, but I can power walk it by October. 

I believe that if I put it in writing and post it in public that I will have more control over what I do with these goals. I also know that there will be people out there helping me be accountable and that my friends, is the key to my success!