Monday, August 12, 2013

Twenty Two Weeks of the 52 Lists

I love making up lists and sticking post-it-notes all over the house for those lists. This makes for an obnoxious look to my decor so I stopped doing lists and my life is not as functional as it used to be.  The other day I found this really fun site MOOREASEAL I think that I am going to follow Moorea's 52 Lists idea. Darling Moorea has started a successful Accessory business and still wants to live a life so there are only 22 lists ideas available. Lucky for  me, there are only 22 weeks left in the year so it works out perfect. Each week I will be doing this on Monday.  It's like another Journal entry but with a list of words. How awesome is that?  So, I will have Moorea's Logo and her question as the heading and then the list for me to read. I hope it helps me stir some creative juices for writing my poetry.

Anyone want to join along?

The Wonderful Baron Doppelgänger Device by Eric Bower

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